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Copper Ridge Studio


A friendly computer based recording atmosphere located in Egg Harbor Twp. NJ. I can help cowrite and/or arrange any songs you want recorded and record and perform any keyboard, drum, percussion, bass,  and vocal parts as needed.  For information on recording at Copper Ridge Studio, email me at, or click on the contact link.

Hybrid drum kit 

drums : 5 piece electronic Roland kit. 

cymbals :

3 spalshes, 2 crashes, 2 sets of hi hats, ride, and china.

Korg O1W keyboard

loaded with lots of sounds plus it's used

to trigger my Reason soft synths in my computer.

Groove Tube Vocal Mic

for all vocal needs and more.

The Rack

Midex midi controller, 2 presonus preamps (16 channels total), Motu Mk3 digital interface.

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