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B i o g r a p h y

                 I perform solo piano/vocal in the south jersey area. For a list of tunes I play and sing, click on Solo Piano/Vocal link. As a solo performer, I have the ability to add other musicians to expand into a duo,  trio,  quartet, etc. depending on the venue needs.

                  I also play drums and sing with the Dane Anthony Band. I've been with this band over 26 years. My longest employment ever. I couldn't ask for more fun guys to play with than with Dane's band, hence my long employment. We play in the Atlantic City Casinos and in other South Jersey and Philadelphia Locations. We cover Funk, R&B, Rock & Roll, swing, and more.

                I also play drums and sing with the Steve Moore band. This band also plays the Atlantic City Casinos and other South Jersey locations.

                Every Wednesday (Delco Wrecking Crew open mic) and most Fridays (Out of Cash band) I sing and play keyboards at Tom and Jerry's on MacDade Blvd in Folsom PA.  All my gigs are posted on the gig calendar link.

                   I own and operate a computer-based recording studio (Copper Ridge Studio). I can help cowrite and/or arrange any songs you want recorded and record and perform any keyboard, drum and percussion, bass, and vocal parts. I also can build recording music  

                I graduated from Glassboro St. College (Rowan University) in 1991 with a BA in Music Education. I played mallet percussion with the Bridgeton Symphony for two years. Other Bands that I have played with include; John Ciotta & Justus, Thriller, Real Diamond (Neil Diamond Tribute band), Rocco Sisters, Banshee, Mr. Pink, Crowdburst, Bandstand, No Pressure, Lefty Lucy, Big House Phili, Terry O'Brien, The Neptunes, Former Strangers, Tommy Froelich band, Party Wave band, and several others.

                 I also provide private piano and drum lessons. Email me at or click on the contact link to get in touch with me for my availability. 

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